magdalena kania (Meago)

She’s behind it all. She came up with Dollicious and was drawing the girls long before the comic existed.


There should be some information on the studies she completed, but if we’re honest, work and self-development were more important for Magda. Currently, she works as an artist in a game developer company. By night and on weekends, she morphs into a freelancer (if she’s still alive). She’s done such comics as Meago Saga and a few other, similar publications.

She loves good food and stunning photographs of food, comics and illustration for children (due to the art style), as well as broadly defined nature. She’s a happy mum of cats Morana and Merigold (maine coons) and Antonina.


Sometimes, an excessive realist.


Maciej kur (maik)

A guy without whom the Dollicious adventures would never come to exist.


He, in turn, completed the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a master degree, but despite that, the level of his artistic skills is somewhat close to zero (but hey, theoretical knowledge is good, too). Also a freelancer, but a screenwriter – writes for various animated shows, and sometimes, also directs episodes. Along with Piotrek Bednarczyk, he created a series of “LIL I PUT”, among others, wrote scenarios for the newest adventures of “KAYKO AND KOKOSH” and Mietek Fijał’s series “OSKAR I FABRYCY”. Finally – along with Meago, he creates “EMILY HUSH” and (attention!) “DOLLICIOUS”.
He also wrote a children’s book “SYLWIA SYLWESTER JEST NIECAŁOPEŁNISTA”. He loves to share positive vibes and lives to make people smile. He’s fascinated by classic comics and animation – his favourites are Scrooge McDuck and Popeye.


Incurable optimist.

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